Course on interconnects for future manycore systems on summer school ACACES 2016



MANGO project coordinator, prof. José Flich, will be teaching a course „Design of Efficient On-Chip Interconnects for Future Manycore Systems“ on the ACACES 2016 summer school in Italy.

We advise PhD students to join the summer school and listen to interesting course with examples of a complete manycore system implemented and emulated on a multi-FPGA prototyping system.

In the course, on-chip interconnects starting from basic foundations will be designed. New requirements imposed by the new challenges emerging in this domain will be identified and cutting-edge mechanisms to support the new usage models will be provided. Different key technologies will be introduced and analyzed such as:


  • Effective routing algorithms implementations to support manufacturing defects
  • Aggressive on-the-fly reconfiguration strategies to support dynamicity in the system
  • Efficient support of coherence protocols via built-in collective communication primitives
  • Congestion and HOL-avoidance in resource-constrained environments


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